How Often You Should Get Laid

When it is a question of how often you should get laid, different people have many opinions. Mostly, it is a question of how many times in a week or how many times in a month. Simply, the answer should be; you should get laid as often as the chance presents itself. A good sex life offers more besides the mind-blowing orgasms. When you get laid often, you stimulate your body to release endorphins the happy hormones. By this, you live a happy stress-free life. In this article, I provide the health benefits of getting laid often.

  1. Sex improves your sleeping habits

After an energy draining orgasm, research has it that most people tend to fall asleep. Hence for people with sleep problems, frequent sexual encounters will keep you healthy by giving you a good reason to have a relaxed, undisturbed sleep.

  1. Improves your cardiovascular health

Sex helps keep your hormones estrogen and testosterone balanced. Sex is also part of exercising, whereby you can burn some calories in the process. When engaging in sex, your heart rate increases causing a thorough blood circulation throughout the body. In a recent study report, men having sex at least twice have fewer chances of succumbing to heart diseases. Hence, the more the sex, the better

  1. Sex boosts your immune system

Sex lessens your recovery period. You can easily recover from the sickening flu with just some rigorous sexual activity. More sex enhances the activity of immunoglobulin A, which is the first line of defense against cold and flu. By this, your body becomes stronger and will easily fight off common opportunistic diseases.

  1. Sex reduces stress

With the untold frustrations in the economy today, you need to stay healthy not to succumb to depression. Having an awesome sex life is a great add in your life since you can use it as an avenue to unleash your frustrations. Sex will brighten your mood and lower your anxiety and help you build confidence for the rest of the day. A study reports that regular sex hardens you when dealing with hard situations.

  1. Sex relieves pain

During orgasmic episodes, happy hormones such as oxytocin and cortisol get released. These serve as a natural Morphine for the body. So when you are experiencing backaches, menstrual cramps, or having a severe headache, having sex can help ease your pain.
With the above benefits of regular sex, it is upon you to create some ample time for the activity. Make it a habit to have morning sex for a happier and more productive day.

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