Correcting a failed attempt with her

It’s only fun to chase a woman if it’s going well. But sometimes when she is not interested it’s not going to be very pleasant. a time with a woman can sometimes be a disaster when she is not showing any kind of progress. That’s why it’s important to take a step back and think what might be wrong. it’s not good to be arrogant and stop realising what is going wrong. It maybe because she is not feeling comfortable or she still does not have trust yet. Figuring out what she is thinking about can bring a solution to the problem. Without figuring out what she is thinking? It’s hard to make progress with a lady. a relationship night just become more hopeless and complicated. Keeping a good attitude towards any kind of set back with a lady can make her feel like she is an adult and that is very impressive. it’s very important to try to be calm whenever a girl is not responding well. Showing her resort that she deserves is the first step of owning her heart. It’s impossible to make her happy without trying really hard to give her what she deserves. Going forward might be hard but giving up is not going to help at all. I’ve come so far with a lady that I do like. She is a London escort. But it seemed like the more time that goes by the more it gets harder to have her attention. Trying to date a lady who is always busy is hard. the seems to be something that is holding her back. After some time of trying to figure out what a London escort is thinking about. I finally was able to have an idea what is wrong with my approach with her. she wanted to see first weather or not I was serious about her because in the past she was played by a guy who she trusted with all of her heart. now a London escort does not know what to think. it would be nice to remind her that I would never want to hurt her because she is too precious of a lady to even think of hurting. the more that I have known a London escort the more that I figure out what is holding her back. she has a serious trust issue with everyone and it’s hard to gain her trust. even though it’s disappointing, I still need to be strong for her and prove her wrong. I just want her to see that I am not playing around with her at all. I know that she has a very good heart and it will always be a rewarding moment to finally break down the barriers that is keeping her from having any feelings with anyone. I just want to keep her happy for a chance and love her no matter what because I don’t want to lose her no matter what giving up is just not the right way.

Written by unitedlutherie

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